November 14, 2018 3P

Making Sense of the Midterms: A Roundtable With Melissa Harris-Perry

It has been a week since voters cast ballots and made history across the country, and we still do not know the outcome of several key races. The messiness and madness of the Florida recount recalls Gore v. Bush. Georgia is Exhibit A for the politically obvious point that a gubernatorial candidate should not also hold the secretary of state position, which puts him in charge of his own election outcomes. And the Senate runoff in Mississippi became much more controversial and contested when Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith offered ill-advised enthusiasm about attending a theoretical lynching as the guest of her black opponent, Democrat Mike Espy. All this in a week punctuated with the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the hospitalization of Justice Ginsburg, a mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, and fatal wildfires ravaging California.

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