September 29, 2018 3P

Melissa Harris-Perry Discusses Lessons Learned From Anita Hill

It was an extraordinary opportunity to interview Professor Anita Hill. I asked her what she thought about Kerry Washington’s portrayal of her. And she said that she thought that Miss Washington was actually more dignified in her portrayal than she actually felt herself during the senate confirmation hearings. Now, I remember those hearings, and I remember thinking that Professor Hill, at just 35, talking there to the senate judiciary committee was the actual paragon of dignity. Exactly what we would think of as Self contained and composed, but she remembers being quite nervous. And so in watching Miss Washington playing that role, she actually sees even more dignity and composure in the character, and that was quite something for me to learn. I also learned from Professor Helb. She said, my mother did not raise her children for the time we were living in. She raised us for the time that was coming. She raised us for a world that had not yet even come to pass…

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