January 16, 2019 3P

Women’s March Co-Chairs: What We’re Marching For in 2019

The Women’s Wave is coming. On Saturday, January 19, the Women’s March will convene its main event in Washington, DC while sister marches are once again held across the country. The inaugural Women’s March, which followed President Trump’s inauguration in 2017, is widely reported as the largest single day demonstration in American history. In 2018, the second Women’s March initiated Power to the Polls—an aggressive effort to transform the newly activated resistance into meaningful electoral victories for progressive candidates. With a record number of women sworn into Congress earlier this month, the third Women’s March is now turning to an ambitious policy agenda aimed at both the state and federal level. This Women’s Wave retains a commitment to training, organizing and executing acts of civil disobedience, as well as recruiting and supporting progressive candidates. This year it adds efforts to partner with local organizers to ensure progressive policy agendas are clearly articulated and elected leaders are held clearly accountable.

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